i dont know what happened, ive written some pretty cool songs with my band recently, we've got 4 really really good songs that we've gigged that have got a pretty good reception but i cant write anything anymore!
i pick up my guitar and i cant think of anything to do, its like my inspiration has all dried up, but i have in my mind the sort of song i want to write and cant get there, and its like on the tip of my tongue but i cant reach it

i jammed a couple of nights ago with my band to see if we can get something cool, but nothing came from that either, and for the first time since weve been together we cant actually come up with anything new and cool

anyone else had this problem, and how do you get over it?
be chill....ive never written any good riffs lol
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I've been on a pretty dry streak too just like you're having.

My advice is to just listen to songs and try to get inspiration from them time-signature-wise and study more music theory
yeah i'm pretty sure every musician has... go learn a song by a band you like and screw around with it... it'll get the gears working
theres no way you gonna come up wit new stuff every single time yous guys jam, and sometime you just get into a rut that no biggie, it'll come back to you in time
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You probably need a new perspective, after a while you get stuck in the same style and then the writing can dry up instantly.

Check out different bands, different styles, and you'll no doubt pick up new ideas along the way.
All i do is noodle around with my guitar and randomly come up with stuff.
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I have had a pretty good streak lately, but when i do get stuck i listen to people on youtube or something and try to get it closest to what they play. It's actually fun!
PS. I suggest looking up ProGuitarShopDemos and RockOnGoodPeople on youtube.
I get a lot of licks from listening to them play.
just take a break. Dont feel so forced to write something good, just kick back and play. Let the riffs find you.
Dude listen to a new band, dont write anything for a few days, dont even think about it, suck inspiration from that band(s) and just go with the flow. just right something that expresses you
Whenever you experience this mental creativity block, leave your instrument, for a few days, and explore new music. Test other genres. Try to grab a few new phrasing techniques, and try to incorporate them in your playing.

I find listening to music from other cultures very helpful, since they don't usually adhere to the Western type of tempo, meter, note/key/chord choice, etc.
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