I found this DIY page that shows how to make a very simple synth, and I was thinking of trying to build it. This would be my first electronics project ever though, and I had a question about putting the synth in my guitar.

What I was thinking was putting a toggle switch that would switch between the synth and the guitar signals, and putting that before the volume knob so i could control the volume of the synth. The synth's pitch and tone are controlled by knobs too so i would place those around my other knobs. I also wanted to add a power switch to the synth so that if it were off, the toggle switch would act as a killswitch.

What I needed to know was if there was anything i would need to do when wiring the synth in other than hooking it up to the toggle switch. Also, I wanted to know if the kind of wave the synth generates is bad for guitar amps or anything like that, and also just if this would be a good project for a beginner.

I basically would just like some explanation on how to put the synth into my guitar like i explained, and if it would be worth it. I know it would be hard to do anything very musical-sounding but i think it would be cool to experiment with. Any help would be very cool.

Here's the link to the synth I would build:

Very Simple Synth
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Would i be able to substitute and LDR for one of the potentiometers or is that not how they work? That would be very cool though, especially if i could switch between it and the potentiometer in case there is not enough light wherever i'm playing.