Tom Delonge uses Mesa boogie tripler rectifier for his distortion, so i was wondering which pedal could get me close to that sound.

And is there any preamp or emulator that emulates mesa rectifier??

here are pedals that i have found

sansamp gt-2
digitech hardwire tl-2
blackstar ht distx
boss os-2
amp? budget?

Ibanez RG7321 w/ D-sonic in bridge

Peavey 5150 mk ii & b52 4x12 cab

line 6 podxt for recording

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i have a ****ty amp - fender fm212r , but it has good cleans so pedals work good through that amp.
i am planning to buy a new amp maybe on summer, but now i dont have money for it so i want a pedal.
is there a pod or preamp that emulates mesa rectifier and doesnt sound too digital??
Sell your FM and use that money plus your $300 to get a decent amplifier first.
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Sell your Fender, save your cash, and get a Peavey Classic 30 or 50. My Classic 50 does a great job of getting Blink-182 sounds, especially from Dude Ranch and TOYPAJ.


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really?? i like peavey classic...

does it have enough gain or do you use a pedal?? and is it loud enough to play with a band at gigs (peavey classic 30) ??