ok my band has like 11 pages of song topics but we dont kno where to start so can any1 help us like telling us how to start a song we have topics just cant seems to get lyrics from those topics
If you're starting out, then I would suggest just trying to keep the lyrics on topic, but mainly focus on making sure the lyrics go well with the melody of the song.

as time progresses you'll get better at "creating cliches" and be able to follow the topic of a song completely while making lyrics that completely follow the instrumental parts of the song.

for now I would suggest (and this may seem obvious/lame) starting with finding as many words that follow your "song topic" and try to piece them together in a way that makes sense.

hope i helped
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IF you want advice on how to actually turn a topic into the first part of a song, then take the topic and come up with three specific, very concrete images that fit in that topic. Start writing about those images. You'll have to figure out how to write the rest of the song from there, but it's a great place to start.