Well, to be honest, I haven't played this song in years, i just happened across a backing track and decided to try and play along, after a couple tries I decided to record it for fun. It's interesting to look back at the songs you used to play and see how much your style has changed, for that reason I changed it up a little. Enjoy!

Also reach me a link and i'll crit yours, cheers!

EDIT: it's in my profile!
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I'll start off by saying I'm not big on this song , prefer pre-american idiot stuff, but judging on the original it sounds pretty damn close. The tone is SPOT on, it sounds like it could be a rough demo of the actual song! Good job

( diggin' the believe in a thing called love cover!!! )

Good stuff!
That was pretty good man, definitely nailed the tone. The tremolo effect seemed to go out of time (if you know what I mean) at one or two places, but other than that it was pretty good.

If you get the chance, check out my Nightwish covers. They are in my profile. Thanks.

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Sounds pretty much exactly like the original. I don't think I could've told the difference if you had your volume level perfectly matching with the backtrack
nice job
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Great tone, sounds just like the original. The tone for the solo can be a bit fuzzy at times but it's nice. The guitar parts are much more awesome than the original. The tremelo sounds sick.
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