so my friend chris is ridiculously bent on getting laid during senior week....to the point where its kind of annoying. Now the thing is, is he is a virgin.
So me and my friend are going to mess with him during that week.

So far our list of pranks on him are:
- Walk on the boardwalk with him with a sign on his back that says, "18 year old virgin"
- Throw his condoms out(but keep the packages) and put in notes instead saying, "You're screwed" or "Better luck next time"
- When he's in the middle of getting laid, me and my friend are going to kick down the door, smack his face, and start parading around the room with noise makers

Does anyone else have any other good ideas to do to him?

...and yes we have considered rape...

EDIT: We are going to make sure though at the end of the week that he does get laid, I would be a prick for not at least doing that.
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Well, if he is he is a virgin, I'd rape him. That'll make sure he remembers it.
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TS is epic for already having thought about rape.

When you take the condoms out, poke them in the hole for a jelly donut... Make sure you watch him eat it.
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You want to cockblock your friend? You cruel sod. You shouldn't be stopping him. You should be helping him
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You're going to get sooooo many people telling you to grow up, and I don't mean to sound like a dick but I agree with all 'em...
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Or, you could wait until after he gets laid for the pranks.

They come out of the bedroom after sexing... And there's a ****ing surprise party. Who the hell expects a surprise party for getting laid? Cause I guarantee you he won't tell her he's a virgin.

Awkward when she never calls him after that. Bahahaha.
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I'm gonna be a person to say grow up. You sound really immature and you're being cruel and stupid to you 'friend'. Some friend you are to him... -.-'
Get him to have sex with a transexual prostitute... That'll show him!
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Get him really drunk, then the next day after he has sex. Tell him it was with you. It will freak him the **** out. Go in and sit on his lap and call him your 'honeybear'.
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What a bunch of cauk blocks you guys are.
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