it would've been funnier if they used adults, not kids
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Listen to the man, he's Jewish.
not very funny when the kids do it
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
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Filling a football with sand and tricking people into taking penalty shots. See the video.
What do you think?

That is just mean.
1. Open My Computer.
2. Open C:
3. Click on WINDOWS.
4. Open the folder "Media."
5. Click on the file "onestop."
6. Listen.
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I think Dime would've liked this.
RIP Dime.

Overused and old.
Uncle Vernon, Uncle Vernon,
independent as a hog on ice,
He's a big shot down there at the slaughterhouse,
Plays accordion for Mr. Weiss
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I think Dime would've liked this.
RIP Dime.

Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
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Overused and old.

No sht.
Well, after a whole day of being original and such, I enjoy being stupid and repetetive...
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i thought you meant REAL footbal

oh you mean the one where you rarely put your foot to the ball?

soccer = real football.
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Are you asking if midgets can draw people that are themselves smaller than the average person, or if midget drawings in general are smaller?
I feel really bad for laughing at the kid who tripped and threw his sack of ****.
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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I don't feel sorry for someone kicking a football made full of sand... that's the whole idea of having a prank: so someone can face suffering for a laugh.