How do i use 2 soundcards in reaper, OR do is it any other D.A.w. that supports it?

Q: Why?
A: I have two brothers i want to jam and maybe record with (one on guitar and one on bass).

I want to use my stock soundcard (it's ok enough)for the bass and is there any possibility to have run the stock soundcard and the Rig Kontrol soundcard at once in reaper, or any D.A.W.
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I've never seen a DAW that can run input from two cards at once (except protools HD) gut an interface with multiple inputs.
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Guitar rig has 2 which i have two guitars plugged into, but the bass needs an input.

anyone else have any idea if there are any DAWs (except protools)?
I have ASIO4ALL and it gives me 4 inputs form the two soundcards, but in reaper i have to choose two of them, so why should i get a interface with more inputs?
What will you be playing? If your brothers are playing guitar and bass. you could try getting some kind of new soundcard but i don't think you can record three people all at the same time, plus the latency you would get would be awful unless you have a very good computer.