Hey all

I started thinking today and i got a kinda wierd question, but i'm positive it applies to alot of people..

How exactly can you be sure you play without tension? I know I think I do, but for all I know, i might be playing with tension and just take it for granted, not realising it's there.

Does anyone have an opinion or feedback about this (silly sounding) matter? I'm sure this is a problem alot of people have, but they just don't realise they have it
tension? string tension? intervalic or time-based tension? i don't understand
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I guess that would be hard to test. You'd be able to tell if playing didn't feel 100% natural to you. If you feel any pain or discomfort, it's probably an indication that you're playing with too much tension.

You should be playing effortlessly.

You can try practicing by playing is light as possible until it becomes engrained in you.
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You pay close attention.

Watch yourself in a mirror, concentrate on your breathing, avoid self-deceit.

That's the problem:p Cause of an injury i once had, i got a constant "sour" feeling in my wrist (hard to describe it) and it's hard to tell if it's tension or just the feeling i constantly have. I even have it when I'm completely relaxed -_-
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Sorry to hear that. You'll have to be extra careful. Certain injuries make it much easier to develop RSIs.

Was afraid so Suppose i'll keep a close eye on my wrist and make sure i don't see any muscle tensing op:P