Earlier today I went to a pawn shop with my mom and sister. while they were talking with the guys i tried out some guitars and i saw a beautiful les paul. it was a honeyburst color, with great action, slick neck, and overall it was great. The only problem i saw was where the pickguard is, there was a spot of crusty brown stuff. I scratched it away though. I really liked the feel of it, but it was $400. is that too much to spend on a used epiphone les paul?

I thought that it was a little high, $300-350 would be more reasonable don't you think?
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it depends on which model. If it's like a black bueatey or custom, it's a reasonable price. Not great, but reasonable. I'd suggest trying to talk them down.
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For that price it should be at least a Standard or better. For a Standard thats kind of high. 300-350 would be better. For a Custom thats a great deal. Dont get it if its anything less than a Standard