hello everyone, this is my first post.

i bought an fedner mexo std standart strat before a half year ~ .
last days a man offered me to change my std standart strat, wich i ordered from thomann.de about 370 -470 euros, he offered hes ibanez sas 32fm guitar,

anyhow, my question - what would be your advice and choice about this deal?

i couldnot find any info, about this guitar in ibanez. com - i red few reviews but its still blank page about this.. maybe rare model..
i mean - would you change Fender STD standart mexo strat to Ibanez sas 32 fm!
Well, is there something you don't like about your guitar?

The SAS32EXFM isn't rare and it's still in production (532 on Thomann). That's not to say it's not a nice guitar, but it's not an amazing opportunity, either. Unless you don't like your Fender or you've fallen in love with the Ibanez, I wouldn't trade.

They're both pretty good, mid-level guitars.
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