I've been playing for just under 2 years and I'm completely self taught and my playing it starting to get stale and repetetive. I can play with fingers or pick, use 3 finger plucking, slap and pop to some degree and some tapping. What are some good songs for learning new techniques or advancing those I already know? (I'm not fussed about genre.)
try higher ground by chili peppers for slap and if thats too easy then try aeroplane
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try virtually anything by rancid :P
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Try learning some stuff by Jaco Pastorius.
Portrait of Tracy is a good one.
Maybe Weather report - Teen town.
Perhaps you could try writing your own sorta solo stuff, see how that goes.
Portrait deffo.. awesome piece of work that,
when my playing dried up, i did what 6stringerbasshred said and started to write my own like bass only type songs. It freshened up my playing and made me look for new ways to play things. Give that a try
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Jerry was a Racecar driver or DMV by Primus can get you started on tapping
I find Jerry to be very challenging. DMV is great though. Mr. Knowitall is tough but good. If you have a whammy you could check out My Friend Fats as well. Those are all Primus songs with tapping.... as far as slap goes, To Defy the Laws of Tradition is good for getting the idea of a basic Claypool slap groove but could be a bit hard at first. The Heckler might be a better starting point. Lacquer Head is great for getting a percussive left hand into your slap repertoire. If you want to push yourself take a look at Tommy the Cat.
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I'm trying Portrait of Tracy, however I can't seem to get any harmonics below the octave, they just sound like muted thuds. Is it me or the bass?

apart from the 5th and 12th, there are no(i think) harmonics that are directly over the frets, when people say x fret harmonics, they are usually reffereing to the harmonic closest to that fret, this should help you

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