Laguna LE322 bought about 6 months ago absolutely brand new condition no scratches, never left house. Comes with Alnico5 humbcker and 2 Alnico2 singles for a great Tex-mex sound. Whail like Stevie but stay in tune with easy string Laguna locking tuners, just pull thru post and tighten top of peg with a coin. Also has real Wilkinson trem, this thing feels waay smoother to operate than a mexi-strats for sure, go from shimmering vibrato to metal dive-bombs and this guitar STAYS in tune with graphite nut and locking tuners. Push-pull tone pot splits bridge humbucker to a single coil for real strat tones, the 2 out-of-phase settings absolutely shimmer when clean. This is what a mexi-strat should be for the money. Thick rosewood fretboard, twice as thick as a mexistrat. Comes with gigbag. Paid $400

Will sell for $250 shipped conus
LE322 mf.jpg