Anybody have any experience with the cube 30? I currently have a microcube and I hardly use it because I don't really like the distortion on it, my guitars have high output pickups and its hard to get a decent tone on it the cleans are great though.

I was browsing craigslist the other day when I noticed that there was a cube 30 for 150 and I was wondering if it would be a noticable upgrade from the mini, the 30 has 28 more watts then the micro and has an equalizer that the micro lacks.
So do you think this would be a good purchase or are there any other amps I could buy that would sound better, note I only have around 140 right now and probably won't be able to get much more.
Peavey VYPYR 15. The newer cubes are better than the older ones, IMO. So make sure it's a newer one if you go for that,
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The guy said he's had it for a couple years so I guess its an older one.
I'll check out the vyper
Good choice.
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You can also record with the Vypyr 15 through the Headphone out socket which is another big bonus on top of the EQ settings.