Hey all,

After tweaking my acoustic version of Mr. Brightside a little, I thought I'd post the newer version. I really appreciate all the feedback y'all left in that thread.

If you get a chance, please check out the revised version (vocal projection improved). And don't mind the fingerpicking mistakes please. Made a few mistakes.

Also, track 2 is an enhanced state of mind Dave Matthews inspired journey into la la land. Just making it up along the way. Hopefully, I can turn that into something that sounds good.

Please, check them out... www.bandmix.com/dmbfan7810
Hmm. I listened to Mr. Brightside at least 6 times now. Your voice is very good, but I don't think it matches this song. This is a good rendition and after listening to it the 2nd time I really started to like it. Maybe try another song? I'd like to hear maybe a Radiohead song with your voice. As for the jam it was a really good upbeat tune. I can hear the Dave Matthews from it. Keep it up!