Basically, my Telecaster has had the strings on it since Christmas before last, and I've been playing it a ton recently, and the strings need changing badly.

I feel like the strings would be 9's, but they were on there when I got them, so I don't know. All I have are 10's, and I was wondering if it will hurt the neck to move up a gauge. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
It shouldnt hurt. I changed to 10s from 9s on my Strat, but I had to add 2 extra springs in the back to hold my bridge down. Not sure with Tele's
It will be fine. Intonation might need adjusting.

And you could have searched... I see these kind of threads all the time!
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most guitars come from the factory with 9's. You'll be okay, I think. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, if any at all.
the only thing that would hurt it would be using some EXTREMELY thick strings and bending them like crazy. if it is a good guitar, it won't come close to hurting it.
If you're gonna keep using 10's you may want to get a setup after you've gone through a few sets. The neck and intonation might need minor adjustments.
you might need a couple small adjustments, but nothing major. It won't hurt anything.
i recently changed the strings on my tele from 9's to 10's, didn't need any adjustment, the neck and intonation are just fine.
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.009's to .010's is no problem. if you go up to .011's though, you'll want to get it set up.
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.009's to .010's is no problem. if you go up to .011's though, you'll want to get it set up.

Best part about this is I did that and I didn't need another set-up on my strat.
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My strat came stock with 9's. I added two springs and I use 11's now. I'm always switching from 9's, 10's, to 11's and have no problems except a few dead bends. Just raise the action a bit if you have to

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