At the moment i have been given some finger excersises such as hammer on and pull offs as well and trills do develop finger independance and strength but im having a lot of trouble with my pinky and somewhat with my ring finger. i have ordered a planet waves varigrip and wondered if anyone else had used one and what the results where like?
I think you should just practice the hammer-ons and pull-offs on the guitar thats how to strengthen your fingers
i use a grip master, it helps a bit with strength and endurance and is really good for warming up your fingers before playing
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Yeah im not looking for an easy solution as i think this will be pretty hard on your fingers. i am doing all the things given to me every day but i just think it might take a little more than this to get my pinky to do as its told haha.
i asked for one for xmas,the grip master,never got it,i find using a schrunched up peice of paper works too :P

i think it may only work for so long, and then you would have to buy a more resistant one.
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the new varigrip is adjustable and the same price, fingers can be adjusted individually i think. as i say im just looking for anything that will help, im not trying to skip the hard work that i think is necessary for anyone looking to play seriously.
It's not really a great help, tbh. Guitar is much more about co-ordination than strength, and unfortunately the gripmaster will only train the muscles that grip - not the muscles that release - so you're only training half your hands strength at any time.

When you play guitar or preform certain exercises you can build both forms of strength and co-ordination as well.

A good exercise is to have all your fingers gently curled and relaxed on the table, then bounce 13 up and relax down, then 24 up, relax down, repeat.
thanks, i will give it a try and it may help my barre chords if anything as i still get a few buzzing strings now and again when changing between two.

My guitar teacher told me to do that once i think he was trying to prove a point about finger independance and i could hardly do it (wrong fingers coming up aect felt very strange) i do it from time to time and its getting better. i guess i will just have to keep practising as much as possible.
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Are you sure it's a strength problem and not a co-ordination/independence problem?? The pinky/third finger share a tendon so there's always going to be some sympathetic movement between them (ie. makes them, particularly the pinky, more difficult to control). Just a thought...

im not too sure, it is very weak that finger but it may also be a co-ordination problem. it is almost like im trying to trick it into doing things aswell haha. my pinky movements dont seem deliberate if that makes sense i cant think of another way to put it.
I have a Gripmaster and it's a good tool. I hardly use it though. My fingers are pretty strong and I strengthen them with the guitar anyway.
It's an unnecessary tool, really.
Much strength isn't needed. Finger independence and accuracy are way more important.
The finger strength that is needed can easily be obtained by doing specific trills or exercises.

Btw Alibavomit, congrats on reviving a year old thread.
Alibavomit, I think you replied a bit late. Anyway, I think it's good for strength but it's not going to help speed.
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