Ok so, this amp is very noisy whenever I use it. The guitar I'm using is a Gibson Les Paul 1994 gem series and I'm using the metal muff. Is it so noisy due to the fact that my les paul has p-90 single coils or is it the pedal? I've brought the pedal to my friends house for practice and it was very noisy through his amp as well. Any suggestions on how i can stop this buzzing/annoying noise?
Have you tried putting the guitar direct to the amp? That might rule out / in the pedal.
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Dirty power straight in, probably.

The Muff is a noisebox, IMO. You might want to try another pedal if you can. Like, if one of your friends has one. See if that's the culprit.
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I just went over and borrowed his digitech bad monkey and ran in through my amp I didn't hear buzzing. So this problem is most likely my metal muff, any way I can fix this or am I stuck with this noise until I get a new pedal?
Yeah your stuck, or just learn some classic rock or blues lol, then you don't have to use the pedal.
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