Just a quick question, do you have to push the strings down on the fretboard as hard as you can, when playing.
Absolutely not, that will cause the note to go sharp.
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No. The guitar should be set up so you can just put a bit of pressure on the strings in order to make the notes. Just fool around with one note - press as hard as you can, then press easy. You'll see the note is there just by pressing easy.
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Just a quick question, do you have to push the strings down on the fretboard when playing.

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no, just enough to make a nice, buzzless sound, really
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i barely put pressure on my strings and they all sound, depends on finger strength and guitar setup how easy it becomes
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Yep, depends on the setup. My first guitar, a crappy one, I could slide my foot through the distance between the fretboard and strings. So I had to press really2 hard and that was actually very demotivating to play songs that involve lots of barre chords. But during emergency, I just left out the notes on the E strings and played the other 4 strings with individual fingers. So that might help you when you need it or when you become too frustrated with barre chords