Hello, my guitar teacher told me that you don't really need to know barre chords with their root on the 6th string (and the ones with their root on the 5th string) beyond the 8th fret. Is that true? I'm having trouble playing them beyond that fret; I can't get all the notes to sound. But if I don't need them, should I just stop practicing the ones above the 8th fret?
As much as I disagree with your guitar teacher in that you need to know every damn one of them right up to the 12th, just to have them in your toolbox, You'll find you will very very rarely use them, because they lose their character fairly quickly around the 10th fret, as your fingers will start to slur the notes a little because the frets get so small. As far as i'm concerned, the decision to perfect them or not is entirely up to you. I'm a perfectionist on guitar, so therefore I did learn them, however as I previously stated, I rarely use them, if I ever do, so it depends on your desire to perfect them or not to perfect them. I hope I was any help to you. Good luck with your guitar playing too.
You should know them.... one doesn't often hear full barre chords high up on the fretboard (but it does happen!).

But definitely know them so you can at least employ partial barres at those higher places... Also, using partial barres high up can help with fast soloing (a major chord in the barre shape is a lot like a pentatonic shape). I barre the majority of the strings for playing the solo to Readymade by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Just learn them anyway.

It will give you a more in-depth understanding of the fretboard and whilst it may not be used at all, it's still good to know.
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triads sound better up there. Though i suppose it doesn't hurt to learn em.
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