Hey guys, looking for advice on all sorts of stuff again . I'll just number them for my convenience and so that it's not just a wall of text:

1. Do all (or most) amps come with a noise-gate? Because I just noticed a month ago that my Line 6 had one and my tone sounds significantly better :P. I just wanna know so that when I buy a new amp I won't have to buy a noise-suppressing pedal.

2. Sort of branching off of the above question, would it be worth my time(and tone lol) to just buy a noise suppressor pedal and not use an amp's noise-gate? Or would there not be any difference? I know that I'm going to get responses (go and try yourself etc etc) but I wanna know if there's a general standard for it.

3. I have a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone as my distortion pedal, and I love it dearly. It's perfect for me for playing earlier Metallica (and bands with similar tones), but for when I want a brighter tone, say for playing Dream Theater, or later Metallica (specifically Death Magnetic (I was playing "The Day That Never Comes" and it just sounded too harsh for the song, which has a significantly brighter tone than I do with my current set-up)) or bands that have a similar tone. Should I get another dist pedal? Or an overdrive pedal? Or what? Keep in mind I'm not suggesting running through with two dist pedals at once.

4. Now for a general guitar reccomendation. Right now, I'm playing on an Ibanez Gio. I don't have any problems with it at all, but there are obviously better guitars and I want some recc's for what to upgrade to. Anyway:
- My fingerboard is Rosewood, and it seems like it's rather susceptible to wear moreso than other woods (I've been playing Master of Puppets religiously lately and the 5/3 - 4/2 - 0/0 has left wear in the 4th and fifth frets). It's still a nice wood, I guess, but I want something that won't have that happen, and possibly something to give me a brighter tone in general, if the fingerboard has any role in that.
- I want 24 frets. Not much to add here, lol.
- I don't want a V shape 'cause playing with them while sitting down is awkward.
- I like the basswood for the body, so that's not really a big factor. Granted, when I try out new guitars I'll see which wood I like the most, but I don't have a problem with basswood as is.
- I like guitars with only one tone and one volume knob. I don't mind with more than one, but it seems a bit obnoxious. This is probably the least important factor.
- I hear Floyd Roses are generally good for keeping your guitar in tune, so if the guitar has one, that's a plus. I haven't played any guitars with one though.
- The tuners I have on my Gio are fine, but they can get the -slightest- bit loose (I guess?) and sometimes they'll move very easily about 1mm or so, which I imagine effects my tone. I want precise tuners.

5. Are tuners in footpedal form (like the Boss TU-2) worth it? I have a handheld tuner that will fluctuate a bit sometimes, but for the most part it tends to be accurate.

6. In response to 4 a bit, would getting new pickups in my guitar help my tone greatly? I have $241 to spend, and I'm thinking that could cover some nice EMG's or DiMarzio's or something. Then I could keep the pickups for future guitars as well. Checking Ibanez' website, apparently my Gio has "powersound" pickups at the moment. I know that getting a better amp would be the best option, but I'm just wondering.

... Well, that whole "block of text" prevention thing didn't work out too well for me, but what the hell lol :P. Thanks to any for reading and/or helping!

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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Okay first of all Ibanez suck so when it all comes down to it dont just upgrade the pickups. Most good amps do not come with a noisegate and imo only cheapo SS have noisegate, the best of the best are just amps (usually tube) and people pay thousands of dollars for that (or like me 400). Check out Agiles on Rondo.com page like 12 or 13. you should find some amazing guitars for the price
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if youre using gio, dont upgrade the pickups for now. and if you want sustain, grab an RG, insert a sustainer in it. but the edge 3 ive heard isnt reliable.
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There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
1. No not all amps have noise gates
1.1 Noise gates do NOT improve tone, they just stop low volume noises from going through while you're not playing.
1.2 I'm sorry to hear you have a Line 6 amp.

2. If you use effects you'd be better off buying a good power supply for those effects to knock the hum and stuff out before deciding on whether or not to get a noise gate.

3. Boss Metal XXX pedals are almost as hated here as Line 6 Spider series amps. Yes you should get a new distortion pedal, or better yet, get a new amp and decide from there whether you like the amps distortion tone, like it but want more of it (get an OD), or just like it but not all the time (get a distortion).

4. Lemon Oil your rosewood, seriously. And save up for a high end guitar ~after~ you get that new amp suggested for 3. Your guitar will suit you fine for now (given it stays in tune well).

5. Yes Footpedal tuners are worth it, less fussing with cables, they kill your signal for you while you tune, or optionally show you your tuning while you play. (some pedals don't have the feature: let the signal pass through while tuning).

6. Pickups are for fine tuning a good tone, concentrate on your amp first, then decide if you want your guitar to be a little brighter, warmer, hotter output, etc.
1. modeling amps have suppresors. NON-Modeling amps usually don't. It's worth buying a seperate one as you can play with the settings for your tone a little more..
2. yes, especially cause it's a line 6 suppressor. you can really get better control from a pedal than the amp.
3. try turning the distortion down a little bit on the pedal and mess with the eq on the amp (raise treble and mids a little bit)
4. Try staying away with guitars with trems unless you're ready to deal with the hassle of setting it up. but if you're willing to, look at the Schecter Omen 6 FR (or Extreme FR)
5. yes, if you're gigging or jamming with friends. this can help with tuning quickly without much hassle.
6. not really if you're running through a line 6 spider. with that budget, look at Peavey Vypyrs, Roland Cubes, and Vox Valvetronix, or save up for a tube amp. the amp will contribute more to the tone than pickups.
@ Sanitarium: 1.1 Err, yeah, that's what I meant.
1.2 So am I .

Edit: And thank you, above, lol.

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Quote by SYLrules88
im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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@ Sanitarium: 1.1 Err, yeah, that's what I meant.
1.2 So am I .

Edit: And thank you, above, lol.

no problem, but i'm not too much of a fan of that model of Ibanez. I do like Ibanez though. I own a Schecter though. such a difference in the neck. lol