I'm sick of the muddy and lifeless duncan design pickups in this thing. sounds nice acoustically but sounds harsh when amped up. sooooo, i want pickups that could help get me a sweet classic rock sound. think deep purple and zeppelin and rush. that's the kind of sound i'm looking for.

I was thinking of getting the hot rodded humbucker set that SD sells, the one with the jazz and jb pickups. any other suggestions?

also, if anyone has installed new pickups in a c-1 plus, how do they effect the sound.. much? not at all? is it worth it?
What amp do you have?

If you don't have a good one, change it before.

If your amp is good, yeah the Hot Rodded set is good.
Hot-Rod set is a classic, you will be satisfied.

If you play out of a lame solid-state 10 watt for example, you won't notice a difference in tone besides a slight volume/mid increase. If you have a better amp changing pickups makes a WORLD of a difference.

definetely worth the hassle of wiring/soldering

as far as pickups, seymour duncan seems to specialize in classic tones

or you could just go with the real deal