Which should I get?

I've been playing for a while now and I need something that suits my needs much better than my little practice amp, but I'm a total amp n00b so I'm not sure if a combo or a half stack or something else is what I'm looking for. I don't know if it matters but I play mostly hard rock and metal, but also some lighter stuff. From time to time I play some gigs so I need something I can use live and that's decently easy to move (weights not a problem a have rolling carts etc but more shouldn't be 12 ft tall). Which of them is a better bang for your buck? Not that im particularly short on cash but if i can spend $300 on one as opposed to $1000 on the other id like to know. Also again don't know if it matters but Im using a Schecter Devil Custom.

So basically, should I be looking at a combo or a half stack? (and maybe a brief summary of what the difference is)
get a combo there are plenty to choose from half stacks are only realy suited if your gigging heavily and their a pain in the ass to store as they are so big
If you're not looking to spend much (this is variable), combo. If you have the money and space, half stack.
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Quarter stack Head with a 2x12 cab, a nice happy medium

You might just want a tube combo starting out though.
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i've thought about this before & i don't have much space or money, so im sticking with combos until i at least get some big enough gigs to use a stack or half stack to its potential
if money and weight isnt a problem, id definately say go with the half stack.

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a quarter stack sounds like the best thing to me. You can easily go half stack in the future, but until then, it's perfect. Easy to move, looks good, and space efficient.
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if you don't gig on a daily basis, a half-stack might be a bit too much...
a "quarter" stack sounds pretty good too!
a head + cab will generally cost a bit more.

people say that the bad thing about combos is that since the amp and speakers are in one, some of the sound is limited, or suppressed as opposed to a separate amp+cab where all the amp does is make sound and all the cab does it project it.

again, it's really not a HUGE difference in my opinion, if you're not going to gig in front of large crowds on a daily basis...

hope this helps!
the head/cab option will give you more options because you can always swap out cabs and such. i usually recomend a combo to most people on here because you can get more for your money, especially on a limited budget. if you have money and have a very good idea what you are looking for, the head and 2x12 is my favorite option. nice balance of price, portability, the ability to switch cabs, and the coolness factor. for under $1000 though, combos are usually the best bang for the buck imo.
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Quarter stack Head with a 2x12 cab, a nice happy medium

You might just want a tube combo starting out though.


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What kind of genres are you playing.

I'm assuming metal or rock of sorts.

With metal, the best amps, or best variants of amps come in the head form. It's just the way it is. A 5150 combo sounds completely different than a 5150 head.

If you're playing classic rock, you can get a well rounded combo for a great deal less than a head + cab.
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I went quarter stack and never looked back! My 2x12 is vertical and pretty wide so it looks like a half stack -73 lbs tho : ( Combos are cool too. I personally prefer head/cabs because you can always interchange- buy new heads/cabs and mix n match which is fun