Tell me about the ones you can.
Rio grande Crunchbox
GFS Power rails
Lace Drop N Gain
Lace Dual reds
Shadow Dopester.
I've been through Duncans and Dimarzio, and am looking for something else. I've also tried the GFS Crunchy rails. How do the power rails compare? Any info would be great. Thanks guys.
I can't find good clips of the Lace. I want a tight, bright crunch.
Duncan distortion. Did you try that one? It's got an assload of treble and it's tight as **** to boot.
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May I suggest HighOrder Pickups. Jeff builds 'PAF' type pickups. Now before that turns you off, hear me out. I have his 'Maximus' in the bridge of my MusicMan and it's wonderfully tight, bright and crunchy, as well as being one of (if not the most) the most musical pickups I've ever heard. It may not have as much output as 'modern' style pickups, but it'll hang with the big boys tone wise.
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I can't find good clips of the Lace. I want a tight, bright crunch.

I had a pup that sounded like what you wanted. Go to GFS and look up the retrotron hot nashville pup. Listen to the soundclips there (if it's still there, been a while).
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Tired of dimarzio and duncan, thats why i'm looking at other brands. I'm also thinking Rockfield Mafia.