So after just 6 months barely using a small practice amp, it dies. No abuse, no loud playing, no electric storm, nothing... it just died one morning.

Fender has a 5 year warranty on it. Has anyone here ever experienced an amp dying under warranty. Are companies pretty good at fixing their mistakes- or does the repair shop usually look for some fault or 'wear and tear' on my part to slap me a bill for?

I live in the middle of nowhere, so I'm going to be driving way the heck over to a 'specialized fender dealer' or whatever to get this cheap thing looked at. I'm just wondering if I should expect to get ticked off after they look at it or not... or if warranties really do cover the cost, since I know I didn't do anything to break it.

Thank guys,
If it's a practice amp, it's probably not field-serviceable, so they'll just send you a new one.

You won't have to pay for shipping, the tech may charge a fee if they go through looking for bad solder joints or whatever they have to do in order to call it defective and send it back to fender, which might run about 30-50 bucks