Well i'm saving for a kinda cheap new guitar, recently I have found the Vintage guitar company and believe their guitars are amazing.

But i'm kinda stuck, I need help deciding which one to get.
The first is a Vs-6CG
which is basically a heavy gibson SG, heavier in a tone way not weight.

The next it a VWR-1000 Metal Axxe Wraith
This is an awesome looking guitar and is very heavy.

The last is a VW-5000S Metal Axxe Warp
This is a sort of explorer shape, and has quite a light tone.

I play a mix of stuff, not all heavy not all indie. I just need a guitar i could use for a while and is built well.

Any help?
If I were choosing, the Gibson SG look alike. B/c the other two are contenders for fugliest guitar. Plus, I don't trust the quality of tremolo bridges on lower priced guitars
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agreed, go with the sg for sure.
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i've played one of the SG's, it is really nice to play. Neck heavy though

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SG.Those other guitars look terrible.
and if you find the neck heavyness a problem,move the strap button to the horn.
It makes a difference.
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