hey , i was wondering if anbody has the DP-02 aswell and could share what set up works for them.

im having a hard time getting a clean, decent sound from my amp. i have a sm57 mic but it still pretty much blows. Im wondering if it may be my amp. is there any special settings that are best for recording? ive got just a regular 30 watt marshall.

i also have the cheaper, no cd burner version. im not sure if there's effects built into the system so that i can edit the sound or not.
I have the same unit with the CD Burner. I have quality mics and amps and guitars. I really like the drum sound with 2 mics. I can get a really nice clean guitar sound, but the overdrive sounds crappy. I can get a pretty good crunch sound with my POD XT live direct in the 1/4 inch input using the amp mods on the POD. But my amp sounds better. I just haven't learned how to capture it in the recorder.
There are very minimal effects built in. To get a higher quality recording, I think I will have to export the files onto a computer and use an editing program for better equalization. Most people I know just run all their instruments direct into a computer. I'm still trying to capture the sound old school with real speakers and microphones, but it is more difficult than I thought it would be.
Heres a vid of my home studio.