Ive been playing for about 6 months though havent really practiced that much.

i have started practicing but im at a complete standstill. i can play a few songs like knocking on heavens door, through glass by stone sour, and the beautiful people but thats really it. its like i cant play those songs that people say are easy(like black sabbath, enter sandman) i just don't know what to do.

can anyone tell me what to do for a practice regimen and songs to work on. and basically how to get past this standstill
the thing is i have a teacher and thats what ive learned. i cant learn anything he teaches n i don't know why. i mean even if i didn't have any musical skill i should be able to learn something by now
At six months I was still messing around with chords. We all progress at different paces. My advice is try playing some of YOUR favorite songs and just try to challenge your self. Also just focus on building accuracy and working on basic technique (hammer-ons, pull-offs, sliding etc.)

EDIT: let your teacher know what kind of goal your working toward. I can almost guarantee the he/she will adapt lessons to fit you specifically to help you meet those goals/ aspirations
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Apparently you don't have a very good teacher then. In other words you're paying him to do nothing. A good teacher should be able to show you how to do things. Go out and find a different teacher. He's not furthering your musical career at all so he's essentially wasting your time.
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at 6 months i learned Seek and Destroy... thats a great song for people that have been playing for around 6 months...

i was in your same position though. it felt like i couldn't get any better... but just push through the wall, you'll get through i promise

and i taught myself so it was pretty tough...
Slightly unconventional, but it works without a doubt:

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