Today i got a new Valveking 112, it works well but I saw that one of the two valves doesn't "emit light". Is it normal or should I have it checked?

Thanks in advance for the answers.
Both power valves should be lit. Maybe one isn't in properly?
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Both power valves should be lit. Maybe one isn't in properly?

One of the valves wasn't perfectly straight, it was a bit crooked, but it seemed that no contact was made badly. I dont have any experience with valve amps, so asking me about fix them it's like asking me to build a space shuttle.

Another thing, I played with a very low volume, might it be it?

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eh, they should probably light up no matter what. bring it back to the store, see if they can give you another one

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I used to play my VK112 at pretty much the lowest volume you can achieve. Both tubes would still light up.