I need a new amp but I do not have much money.
I play Classic Rock AC/DC, ZZ Top, The Who, and I play Metal Pantera, Ozzy, Distubed,Megadeth, Metallica.
I will not be gigging I will just be playing in the bedroom, I can spend no more then $200 since I am buying a new guitar as well.
The pathfinders are not too great. Take a look at Valvetronix, Roland cubes and Peavey Vypyrs.

All of those are quality amps within your price range.

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I used to have the small Roland Cube and that was pretty cool. The Valvetronix totally kicks ass. You might find a Fender Blues Junior for that much if you look real hard
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id suggets a fender Vibro Champ XD
i have it,play the same as you (most part,metallica)
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EDIT: nvm I didn't see your budget

Cube 20
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I'd say just go into guitar center and play on anything in your budget, since it's pretty limited.

Try out a peavey vyper, vox valvetronix, and a roland cube, and then anything else under $200 and see which you like best.

Look for something with a 10 or 12" speaker too, stay away from 8" for the most part
What guitar are you getting?
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