So why is it that sometimes you see them like amazingly darkish contrasted like so:


or sometimes all well not contrasted like :


so why are they so different if they're are the same guitar?
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internet pics always suck... but for some reason, all the Gibson's i look up look really nice...
but i went to GC one time and i looked at a les paul and i thought it was a gibson until i looked at the headstock.
its the lighting and picture quality.
you never get a good pic of a burst finish, you have to see it in person to get the full effect.
i have a vintage sunburst finish.... when i saw pics i thought it was okay but when i opened it i was blown away.
I agree with Jessica. They're so different in real life.
I like the look of a tobacco burst better though, I think cherry's a little tacky. *is owner of a TB LP plaintop*
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