I'm moving out of my parent's house come August. For those who already made the transition, I would like to know what was it like? I want to hear your stories.
If that's movin up, then IIIIIIIIIIIII'm movin out.

Just saying.
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it's like real life.
it was easy. Why are you moving out? school?
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I worked at a grocery store, and i was saving my pennies for someday. and my mom left a note on the door one day, telling me to move out to the country. I nearly had a heart-attackackack. It seemed such a waste of time, but thats what its all about.
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I moved to an apartment near the college I am attending and...it's not bad. I live with a high school friend, kind of since he's never here. Just have to make sure you don't give in to the GAS and waste your money or you'll be moving right back.
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to a deluxe apartment in the sky?
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Prepare yourself to have less money and more freedom.
It will probably stay like that untill your girlfriend moves in, then you'll have neither.
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It's akward, a little scary, and you're always broke.

So it's a lot like before you moved out.
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Yeah, depends what kinda place youre getting.

A place with friends results in you all just being wasted and not doing anything productive.

But yeah I love the freedom and the lack of parental pms
^I'm looking into studio apartments. I won't have any roommates unless I absolutely need them to split up the bill.
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it was easy. Why are you moving out? school?

Yeah. I've been looking into the housing prices around the campus and they seem to be pretty good. My mom is going to pay for my expenses until I get a steady income. So, I'm extremely grateful for that.
i moved out at 19 for a summer to a weed stenched student den full of criminality and a massive fish tank, went back fell out with parents moved out for 9 months, fell out with parents bought own apartment never went back, now ive got a 3 bedroom house which i converted into a studio. lovin it!