i eliminated a pedal as a cause, and chords, but i use a line in from the pedal or guitar straight into computer

when i play into computer the sound has no static, but when i press record a static appears,

can the chord to computer be buzzing but only picked up while recording is on and not when i just play into as when reading tab, that makes no sense,

i tried a couple other recording programs, and there is static,

i also tried two guitars,

could it be interference, nothing new electronic has been placed in room, if i try on another computer soon and no buzzing then it is my computer and i am screwed.,

also, i just listened to a track i recorded monthis ago and the static is there, but i have done dozzens of tracks since with no problem, now it is happening every time

thanks for any input, i gotta figure this out and hope computer is not wrecked
Maybe you have input sound to high? When my volume on my guitar is too high, and I try to record to the computer I get static.
Are you using an effect supplied by your recording program? Oft time that's the cause.
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Do you have florescent lights in the room? That's a common cause of buzz.
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update, i took out guitar chord, pressed record with no sound of any kind, it static'd. that means it is the computer, just hope this can be remedied