So I've gotten into fingerpicking recently and I've got a few songs down. Well I"m trying to play 45. by Shinedown(not really a fingerpicking song but it works...) and there's this squeaky noise which I guess is my nails scratching the strings?? Am I doing something wrong here? Any help would be appreciated!
...a squeaky noise? squeaky how?
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If you scratch your strings with your fingernail it's kinda like that but less severe.
Either your sliding your fingers against your strings as your changing frets, or yes, your nails are hitting the strings, but I doubt it's the nails.
Well it's not happening when I change frets. When I hit the notes is when. SO should I just cut my nails like extremely close or let them grow and play with just my nails? Cuz right now I try to play with my fingertips...
Common problem for classical players in scale-like passages or any situation using right hand fingers on the bass strings with a nail attack. Solution for such situations is to strike more square to string so that the nail doesnt slide along the string.
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You need to work on actually attacking the strings perpendicular instead of sliding your finger across them. Can imagine it would be a problem with nails, which I experience myself then using a thumbpick... But without a thumbpick or nail it really shouldn't be a problem I guess.
Alright I get what you're saying. I actually don't know why I didn't think of that >_> Oh well. Thanks much!
I wouldn't make a habit of a perpendicular attack to the strings, best tone (on nylon guitars) using nails is generally obtained with an oblique attack, reserve the square on attack for the wound strings