Hey, I was just learning some smashing pumpkins 1979 i believe, but they use a lot of octaves, I really like the sound of how the pumpkins play those notes

any other bands/guitarists use octaves like this that you can point me to? thanks a lot
"In the Cold, Cold Night" by the White Stripes has a guitar part that is literally nothing but octaves.
A lot of pop-punk uses octaves, if that's your thing.
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not quite my style... haha - someone told me to check out godsmack as they use octraves, any other suggestions are welcome
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any other suggestions are welcome

ANY suggestions? Well, then I can give you a kick-ass electric guitar use of octaves. Just watch this youtube video of The Cult doing "Rain" live. From :32 to 1:02 is all reverb drenched octaves. I have loved this for years. So much fun to play.

There's also "Machinehead" by Bush. Octaves kick off the song loud and clear.
Anything by Wes Montgomery hes the one who made using octaves popular in the guitar world. His stuff is pretty hard to play tho but its really cool.