So I pretty much have the exact gear setup I want and am so close to finding that perfect tone but for some reason I just can't quite get there. I'm trying to find that trebley creamy sound that the strokes and libertines both have. Mine is still just a little too... rough maybe. I feel like I'm using too much OD but not enough at the same time.

Here's my bands myspace www.myspace.com/slightlyleft so maybe you can offer some tips on what to change on either my pedal or my amp to get closer to that sound.


edit - forgot to mention my setup is in my sig and exclude the epiphone

edit2 - Just so everyone knows I'm not lazy - I mess around with all this stuff twice a week at band practice. I'll be going tomorrow to try all this stuff, the thing is just too damn heavy to carry around every couple days.
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you may want to try some EQ effects, like a treble booster, or even just a graphic EQ
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Would dialing down the bass more and cranking the treble to the top do the same thing? I already have the treble at about 3/4's and the bass just under 1/2. I'm trying to avoid another pedal since I want to put new speakers in the amp. But if you think that's the only option I'll look into it. I also have a boss EQ I use as a volume boost, I suppose I could use it to constantly boost treble.
Crank your AC30, and don't have the gain up too high. AC30s crunch really nice at high volumes, and you may want to use a simple boost like an MXR Micro Amp to push the amp just slightly more than normal so you're not overloading it with gain. I believe the two bands you mention actually use Fender Hot Rods, and I know the Strokes use a Mirco Amp in addition to a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde Distortion pedal, but your AC30 should have enough gain on tap to do what you want.
Ok so when you say crank it should I be cranking the normal volume or the top boost volume? As of right now I use the normal channel mixed with the top boost, I keep the normal volume at 1/4 and the top boost volume almost off (gives me a good clean and also lets me use the top boost EQ) and then I use the Jekyll and Hyde for my overdrive. So if you mean cranking the normal channel I lose my clean.

edit - yes the stock speakers are in there, I'm planning on buying some celestion blues but car insurance must be paid before the amp gets speakers. Should be 2 weeks before I can get some.
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If you're using your Visual Sound for dirt, just crank the regular volume and keep the gain or top boost volume down or just put it just under the point when your amp breaks up so harmonics are enhanced but you still have a great clean, that way when your pedal hits it really sounds good cuz the amp is close to the edge.
That actually sounds like it'll work. When I have the normal volume that high it will make me a ton louder though so I'll have to lower my master volume, that shouldn't really have a negative effect should it?
You might want to look at a tubescreamer or something to add a bit of midrange and fatness to your sound.

Lowering your master will result in a fizzier, harsher tone. If you want the softer, creamier distortion from your amp's power section you need to crank the master volume.
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so I'll have to lower my master volume, that shouldn't really have a negative effect should it?

Lowering the master has negative effects on these amps.
1. your cut knob becomes useless
2. the sound muddies, lower volumes are not as clear as higher on this amp
3. power tubes are not cranking

Dude, do you have an EQ pedal? If you do, use it; if you don't then spend the hundred bucks and you will easily get that "trebly creamy sound" you are after with this amp. I use an EQ now and then and I get the sound that you are after. It is a sound I also like -- an overdriven distortion with some bite due to the treble you add to it. EQ pedal is all you need.
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Alright so basically I'm going to try these things.
1. Crank normal channel but keep it clean and add OD with pedal.
2. Treble boost using EQ pedal.
The problem with keeping the master and normal volumes up is I'll be playing at gig levels during practice and our ****ty PA can't keep up. But I do know the fuzzy sound you're talking about with the master down, I can especially hear it in our basement recordings.
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Also I just found some Celestion 25W Greenbacks, $200 for 2! Would those sound as good as the blues?

no. simply put, not even close. The Celestion Blues are THE speakers for Vox amps and they sound entirely different. AlNiCo speakers just have this certain timbre that you can't get out of any other type of speaker.

If you want something cheaper than Celestions AlNiCo speakers that really sound just as good (if not better), look at Weber and Scumback (Scumnicos). They're much closer to the old Vox AlNiCo speakers anyway.
Rad I'll check those out. Any opinion on how to solve my new problem? CasinoEpiphone said I should have my master cranked to keep the tone from the cut knob and not have it sound muddy but others also said to have the normal volume as high as possible without breaking up. But then I'll be 10 times louder than our bands PA.
unfortunately low volumes is not the Vox tone standard. It's just something that you have to deal with. Which is why people look at attenuators or lower wattage amps. But stompboxes like tubescreamers can get you that warm, power tube kind of break up. The problem is that it is not particularly transparent, but it will give your sound a bit of added creaminess.
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Looks like I'm just going to have to mess around with those 2 volumes to get the best sound possible at our volume then and save the good stuff for when we're playing gigs. Or buy a better PA. Either way thanks for the help, I have a bunch of new ideas to try before practice tomorrow.
You guys remind me of the ramones. Not a bad thing. I'd suggest buy an eq pedal to fine tune your sound.
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Boost it with a Fulltone OCD, and switch out the speaker to a Alnico Blue or a clone of it.