So I am on the lookout for a distortion pedal, my current amp is the Fender Blues Jr., which does not give great distortion. What I'm looking for is a nice indie-type distortion a-la Modest Mouse (a nice breakup between cleans and crunch). I was looking at the Boss Blues Driver(although an overdrive), since Isaac Brock has it on his pedalboard, but most of his gain is from his natural amp distortion I believe. Any other suggestions? I do not need TEH METUHLZ/BR00TAHLZ distortion.
I'm not sure this is -totally- what you're looking for, but check out a Fulltone Fulldrive II. It's an overdrive, but it simulates amp distortion amazing. Plus it has a boost feature on it for even more distortion. You can dial in a lot of tones with it. Check out some demos on youtube, I recommend the ProGuitarShop ones as he demos it very nicely.
The Fulldrive II is a great pedal. Also look at the ProCo RAT.

For that matter, just crank your clean channel a little more for some breakup if you can.


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You should look into fuzz pedals, like a Big Muff or a Rat
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Big Muff/used Boss HM-2 if you want distortion, but since you want OD, something like a Digitech Screamin Blues or a Boss SD-1.
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A ProCo rat would probably fit well. You should also look into some fuzzes because they could also fit very well.


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Forgot to mention I have a Fender Blender, but it's far too heavy for the Modest Mouse sound. What about a Fulltone OCD?
Ibanez Tubescreamer - Produces a light/medium distortion, but you can still hear the original clean tones kinda mixed with the distorted ones.
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[quote="'[= Tom ="]']Ibanez Tubescreamer - Produces a light/medium distortion, but you can still hear the original clean tones kinda mixed with the distorted ones.

Try the Digitech Hardwire Tube Overdrive (CM2)
Its just like a Tubescreamer and a Modified Tubescreamer and u can toggle between the 2!

99 bux!!!!!!!!
I like modest mouse too so i know the sound you're on about. Isaac uses a blues driver for the lighter stuff then has i think a zvex super hard on for the heavier bits.
i wouldnt buy a zvex SHO...its a good bit overpriced for how simple/clone-able the circuit is. if you go to the "boutique pedals thread" there is a user (i forget his name ) who makes them, and i'm sure if you talk to him you two can work something out.
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PaulC Timmy? look into it if you like the tone of your guitar and amp but just want to give it that "cranked to 11" tone.

But I'm assuming that you've already tried turning the amp to 7-8? To see if you like the overdriven tones at higher volumes?
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