I upgraded to the new version of windows live messenger and I cannot log back in. The problem I always get is this one:

Any help with this or everyone has it too?

Thanks in advanced.
I know this is the pit, but I've google it and nothing really seems to help :/
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You might have to restart your computer.

Reinstall it if that fails

Done both already and nothing works, I went to the site for help but you're supposed to have a code box whenever an error pops pops out, but you don't get one with this one
Downgrade? Chances are that the brand new version is buggy as fuck.

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Ahhh, I see your problem.
You're using UG Classic.

I disagree. UG Classic FTW!
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I disagree. UG Classic FTW!

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That looks like a custom theme/Windows Blind skin, disable it and then try. If not, uninstall Windows Live Call and Sign-in assistant and then try again. If not, uninstall Messenger, and make sure all the files in its folder have been deleted, if they haven't - manually do it, and then re-install and try again. Also scan for malware. If none of that works, downgrade.
I just downloaded the new windows live to see if I would run into the same problem. Sorry, but I did not.

To be honest, I really don't like the new version. It's actually a pretty big update with a lot of changes and it's basically like a myspace or facebook. I just want to talk to people and email people ffs
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Downgrade? Chances are that the brand new version is buggy as fuck.

I just got it then. It's too "big".
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Download pidgin or trillian
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