Alright it's a red light
so I stop and we get out to fight
but lets think for a minute
because my hour glass can't
be used for cynics
so I wore pants
for the dance
that I knew I would be winning
but my head is spinning
because of all of this spitting
I keep doing into this microphone
Germ ridden instrument
so I can't share with my own
friends, family, or enemys
Strictly mine because
my expression is ten cents
above a counterfit dime
and my cliche approach
to rhymes seems work
so I keep getting blind sided
by these tough kid douche jerks
who think I can rip it
but I just recite from
underground **** they'll never here
because they were to lazy holding that beer
having thier ears steer clear of any good ****
written by Atmosphere
but who I am to judge thier taste
when all I do is waste my time
thinkin' hard writin' rhymes
pretending to live lies
so therefore my life is a contradiction
of non-fiction and
fiction without any
sexual friction at all
my wall
of confiedence
was crushed by a condiment
because I didn't play ketchup
I just sat around waiting
debating wheter or not I should be
hating myself or everyone around me
I decided to just unplug the speaker
and make some new sounds out of an allegory
Life isn't about whehter or not you win
because you barely get a checked off mate
divorces and horses in this chess game we
don't choose to play
my instincts
simply put
they stink
like a fat guy who just ate french fries
for the seventh time on a sunny august day
laying down in the middle of asphalt
who's fault is it he got that way?
No one's not mine, not yours, not his, not gods
not his mothers, his fathers, his sister, his brother
his aunts, his uncles, his cousins, and all former partners
that left him 'cause he was a mess
He's just a test for society
wildy placed to be a disgrace to all of humanity
laughed at, picked on, left out, and go wrong
but now I am approaching whether or not I should be
coaching life because I'm so damn selfish in my own songs
that I seem to avoid all of my pretenses and games of ping pong
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