So yeah, I'm just a guitarist looking for a cheap bass that I can noodle about on, and these SX basses seem pretty decent for the price. Has anybody else tried these out or heard anything about their quality? Yes, I'm aware that I get what I pay for, but the specs on those things seem incredible for the price.

I play mostly Muse-esque fingerstyle, but I also enjoy playing RHCP-esque slap/pop.

MutantCorn likes 'em. I've never tried any.
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They're not much liked around here, but I've played one and it wasn't bad. Of course, I'm a guitarist. Basses aren't my center of knowledge.
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Searchbarring rondomusic gives you decent results. But a lot of those threads are just people going back and forth about how they either 1. suck, or 2. are awesome. Of those 2, though, Mutant Corn seems to have the most convincing argument supporting them.

I've never played one, but I agree that they look awesome for the price, and the LTD models, around $170 or so, come with larger bridges, so they're supposed to be a lot better in terms of tone and sustain.
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Mutant Corn is indeed the SX prophet, speaking of days when we will all bow to his great orange necks and funky frets.

though if you do do it, he will admit this- pay for the more expensive ones, they are much better. the cheap ones, which are what I've played, are a total crapshoot.
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SX basses are great for their price and i've stuck with mine over a squier VM but that's just me, i don't really feel like going in depth so use the search bar. And back when they still did the orange necks the quality control was ALOT better.
I have one for recording basslines, its ok. It seems to have a long neck, I don't know what scale it is. The pups are quiet anyways. It could use the action a bit lower. I got it with a little sx amp, cable and tuner and soft case for about $250, sounds good recorded.
I have one and it's very bad. Avoid it at all costs.
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i got one as part of a starter pack, an have been playing it for 3 years. Its really good for waht i paid for it, and a helluva a lot better than other cheapos that i have tried, but i might have just gotten lucky. Go to shop and try one out!
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I think a lot of people misunderstand Rondo, honestly. I think this'll put it more into perspective:

Basically, the only reason that Rondo has even survived is because their instruments are good for what you pay.
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