I'm trying to get better at playing lead, but I can tell that I'm doing quite a few things wrong. I don't have time for private lessons at the moment (6-day a week 2+ hour baseball practices do that to you) but I can tell you what I'm feeling is wrong.

Crappy palm-muting. Not good when you play a bunch of punk-pop covers for a youth band at your church.

Fingers "binding up". I'll be trying in vain to play a riff, and I can feel my fingers binding up. Is it my hand placement?

Those are my biggest problems right now. At least they're the ones I'm going to worry about at the moment until I have the time to get private lessons. Then I'll be able to work both my electric and acoustic skills.
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this was probably a problem for everyone at some point or other, it's just a practice issue mate.... and in terms of getting lessons, yes they will help because you will be shown the right technique and then you can make sure you're practicing properly.... as a stop gap solution in the mean time, try you tube lessons because you can see the techniques and hear the results so just try to emulate the actions until you get the sound you want....

and on binding fingers... make sure you warm up before playing to avoid cramps etc....
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Hope this helps ...
For the palm muting, yeah its just practice check some lessons online, also ask your guitar teacher to get it right.

For your fingers binding, warm up before playing (like what the other guy said). Always remember to have just the right amount of tension when playing, you dont want your hands to be so tense keep it relaxed and try to be comfortable.
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