I'm looking for a pedal that can beef up the sound of licks that use single notes rather than full chords. Ideally, I want to have the bass, drums, and singing going at high energy full throttle, but I want to throw in some little ditties on the guitar rather than mashing power chords to keep up with the energy. But I want those notes to be very 'present' in the mix.
boost pedal
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Might be a problem with you EQ. Also, some reverb and boost would help.
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A delay pedal will make it sound more full, a chorus will give a similar effect but not as much. A boost will make it more full because it will be louder, or you could look at a phaser, flanger, or a compressor depending on what kind of sound you are going for
it depends on what you mean by "beef up" and what kind of tone you already have. something like a tubescreamer might work because you can get a little bit of extra dirt to your signal and the mid-hump helps push things through the mix a bit more. delay, reverb, or chours could add depth to the notes, which can add some ability to cut through depending on the tone. though honestly, i think a pedal that adds volume and a bit of an eq change would be a bit better here. so maybe a treble booster or an overdrive with a mid hump would be best.
Something like the MXR 10 band eq sounds about right.

I have one, and it could be used to do (I think) what you are asking. The reason I'm telling you to go with the 10 band and not the 6 band is that the 10 band also has Gain and Volume sliders. A Mid boost and these other two sliders may be able to get you what you're looking for.
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A good EQ will help you cut through the mix.

A compressor will give you fatter, thicker single notes.
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... but yeah, EQ is probably the most important aspect. Any kind of Mid boost would help with the beef. Also a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit of chorus can widen things up.
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