So i have $100 to spend on effects i can ether get two effect pedals for $50 each or just one for $100

Now i don't want wah, or reverb.
What effects do you guys think i should get?
Edit: I'd get a chorus pedal. Can really improve clean tones.
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no he said he DIDN'T want reverb or wah, what i would suggest is a $50 chorus, chorus rules. and maybe some sorta signature effect. i dunno. i use multi-effect pedals anyway.
Boss n-2 noise gate is the most useful pedal I own, Im assuming you already HAVE a wah or a reverb, otherwise you would want one. Hmmm,
how about a graphic eq pedal? or any eq pedal? those are really serious. You can change how your guitar sounds dramatically.

Or a boss dd-3 would be sweet. delay pedals are hours of entertainment, and an entirely unique, required sound depending on what you play.

I love tube screamers in general, you can use them to make older style amps (like fender blues juniors) into high gain style amps.

Also, a volume/expression pedal really opens up what you can do.

But definetly a delay pedal, eq pedal, or volume pedal. Delay if you want a toy that may or may not be useful, eq pedal if you want something that you will definitely need as a lead guitar player, or a volume/expression pedal as an extension to your rig that can control other pedals (like the super shifter) if you add them in the future.
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100 dollars isn't much you know..

This is true.

but still... here are a few pedals that I think are very nice for about 100 bucks or less:

MXR Dynacomp
ProCo Rat
DOD 250 Overdrive
EHX Small Stone Phaser (good ole EHX for all your swirly needs)
Marshall Echohead (now discontinued)
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Thanks guys. Yeah i know $100 isn't much but it's all i got and will have for a little while
So, What if i get a $50 chorus and this other pedal, i don't know what it's called but it makes my guitar sound somewhat like a violin and takes out the picking so it's like i've used a violin bow
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