Epiphone explorer goth for $300
guitar center price is $400

i have been thinking about getting a new guitar for a while, i want to get a les paul but this guitar would fit my playing style more

any opinions..?

for those with explorers.. how do you feel about your guitar
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i love mine but that said it is a lot smaller than a regular explorer
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I was so close to getting one of these, there great, HNGD!
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You should be able to talk the person selling it down to $250. If you like the guitar, go for it. The only explorer I've ever played was a Gibson, but I found the shape to be very comfortable.
The Epi Goths are great guitars. You need to check it out and play it to make sure it's still in good working order. If you do get to check it out play it use any issue to offer a really lowball price first! Start at $200.00 and see if he will come down. My rule is to never pay more than half what a guitar goes for new unless it's rare or vintage and most of the time I pay a small fraction of the original price. It all going to depend on how motivated the guys is in selling or haw bad he needs cash. Over the years of buying and selling I can spot someone who needs cash and is willing to let something go dirt cheap.

If the person you are buying from has kept the guitar stock, then $300 is a little steep for an used Epiphone.

I agree with T!AN and johnro6659, you should try and talk him down. I think you will almost certainly be able to get it down to $250; not many people are going to be jumping to buy an Epiphone when its only $100 off list price.
My buddy has one., it's nice. He got EMG's put into his though.
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I played that guitar at the store a while ago,
one of the only epiphones i ever enjoyed playing. Worth the money go for it i say.
I cant really say anything about it. all ive played is a Gibby (which was great) but everyone says its a good buy, so get it man. Explorers rule
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Ugh, I HATE it when people don't cut their strings -_-

On subject, I haven't played an Epi Explorer, so I can't really help you decide if its worth it, but I would follow everyone else's advice and try to push the price down lower.
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i love mine but that said it is a lot smaller than a regular explorer

that's the "X" series "X-plorer" if I'm not mistaken. The Goth Explorer is the same size as a regular Explorer.
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