Hey guys

The other day i was talking to one of my dads band mates and he told me how he had lost 60% of his hearing from playing gigs weekly for a large portion of his life.

I have band practice usually every week and my ears typically ring after wards, i srsly don't want to lose my hearing to that extent.

I'm pretty sure most of you know industrial earplugs just kill the tone of music and make it sound like ass so can anyone recommend me a brand of earplugs that simply reduce the volume?

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I have some Alpine attenuating earplugs, they're pretty decent.
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Hearos musician's earplugs.

No, I'm not linking. Just google it, you lazy sod.
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apparently ''hear-o-'s are good........i need a pair

but yeah just search musicians earplugs in google
going through all this trouble as opposed to turning the volume down a bit during practice?
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going through all this trouble as opposed to turning the volume down a bit during practice?

You can't really turn down the crash symbol though. Sure, you can play quiter, but it's still pretty loud.

Yes, I'd recommend ear-plugs. I need to invest in some as well.
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Hearo's work just fine. I use them for practice.

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If your serious then you can get some custom molded ones which will work a charm. Can't recall where to get them sorry.
to^ sometimes you cant jsut turn down cause of having a loud drummer or some amps sound best at higher volumes
get ear filters
google that i use them and htey basically just feely liek the volume is turned down
If we turn our selves down the drummer comes through too loud, i also go to gigs every month or so.

I would have googled it but i wanted UG's opinion not some sponsored opinion on a companies website.
get some custom made ones from an audiologist, expensive though mine were like $260.
but they sound exactly the same only much much quieter
check out the Etymotic ER-20. They have lasted me 2 and a half years, and there is very little tone comprimisation.
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For practice sessions, I wish I had a pair of attenuating headphones.
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