Ok, so my band has it's first gig with our new line up soon and I can't seem to make our set list flow. We are the third band going on at the venue's monthly
"attack of the killer coverband" night, and we play for about 50 minutes or so.
Any help would be much appreciated.

lit up - buckcherry
are you gonna go my way - lenny kravitz
rock and roll - led zeppelin
bad reputation - joan jett
wrong way - sublime
dead and bloated - stone temple pilots
prison sex - tool
go with the flow - quens of the stone age
breed - nirvana
rocket queen - guns n' roses
heartbreaker - pat benetar
self esteem - the offspring
breaking the girl - red hot chili peppers
Open with Rock n' Roll and close with Rocket Queen.
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open with rock & roll - Led Zeppelin
follow it with Rocket Queen
i havent heard a lot of the others, so im not sure about the rest.
put are you gonna go my way about 5th
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put self esteem more in the middle, or back just a little
since its more chilled and has a slower tempo
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put breaking the girl second to last and end with breed or self esteem, cause those are really good sing-alongs, should get your audience boiling
just my opinion, but...

dead and bloated
rock and roll
go with the flow
lit up
self esteem
rocket queen
prison sex
are you gonna go my way
bad reputation
breaking the girl
wrong way