Right I have a Cube-30x and I plan on recording from it, I asked a similar question here a while back and someone mentioned just using a simple lead to connect it to my laptop. (I dont have the money for anything fancy, eg: one of those POD in-line recording things and I dont fancy using a mic, so this would be better)

I've searched around and I havent seen anything...
Can I just plug a lead from the recording output into my laptop's mic port?
And has anyone done this?

Thanks in advance guys
basically, you can get a 1/4 inch jack to phono lead...this plugs from the output of your amp into the audio/line input of your computer. You can then record this using either windows sound recorder or some free recording software off t'internet etc.
recording out from the cube to mic in on the laptop. \

thats how i record


You'll need to mess around with your settings though, mic port in low, around 30 then your amp at ~4-5

play with it
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ya i have the 20x and i have the same problem...
i was lucky enufto find an EXCELLENT quality mic in my house that was very cheap and came with the PC i think...I also use Audacity to record..its works really well trust me!