RE: Facebook - i was wondering whether you guys have come across this problem before. (maybe the pit could prove to be more credible than yahoo answers)

I got a mate from uni who added me, but all of a sudden his profile vanishes off facebook (i can't even re-add him as a friend and when i search for his name, nothing comes up). I can see his wall posts and comment statuses on other people's pages before he vanished, but there's no profile picture and you can't click on his name in the post headings (the text isn't a hyperlink and it's black, not blue as with everyone else) i.e. he doesn't seem to have a profile or anything.

I asked a few mutual friends, looks like his account has been removed from their friends list too.

What's the go for this? Have i befriended a serial killer whose account was deactivated? :stickpoke

Oh yeah on another note, i thought it was impossible to delete your facebook account, it only gets de-activated (so the information lingers)?
I'd guess he deleted/de-activated his account.
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My FB got closed by a Admin, for no valid reason i can thank of. I've sent them an email, but i haven't got any answer to why my account was closed.

Maybe the same thing could have happened to him?
Sounds like he was The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Or maybe he simply deleted his account.
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