What's the difference between the two? The 60's one is cheaper, but I don't actually know what makes it different from the 50's.
Interesting question, because i've been wondering this myself.
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nothing really, the 50's one is older so it will be rarer thats why it is more expensive.
unless your on about a re-issue then my previous statement is invalid
Comparing their specs on GAK (60s and 50s), seems that the differences are:

-the 60s Tele has a rosewood fingerboard while the 50s is all maple
-the 60s has a 'mint green' pickguard which as far as I know is a slightly aged tint, 50s is just white
-60s has aged pickup covers, 50s doesn't but has 'vintage-spec' pickups
Does anyone know if there's any difference in the shape of the necks?