Hey out there, I always dreamed of owning a Gibson ES335, but never had the cash. Just recently I picked up an Epiphone dot copy. The sound, range, action and overall feel and appearance are great. I love playing it, the 57 humbuckers are sweet.

The IRS is giving me a little loot back this year, and I have a line on a 1981 model Gibson ES335 for around $1500. in decent shape. I have heard that after Gibson left Kalamazoo in 1986, the quality of some of their guitars was an issue for a while. Since I don't know enough about pricing, I was hoping that some of you fine folks could shed some light on the good--better years for this model and why. Thanks for reading this and for your input.
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The best years are pretty much from 1958 to the late sixties, but those will cost an arm and a leg if you want one. 1970-1985 are referred to as the 'Norlin years' when Norlin took over Gibson and the quality control went downhill. Gibson was bought in 1985 by their current owners and until recently quality control has been okay.

I don't know much about the Norlin ES-335's, but I imagine they'd be okay. You should obviously play it before you buy it.
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